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PC is connected to a gateway Ethernet LAN port. Comcast Business IP Gateway Computer.1.10.x Static IP Config For Windows 7 the computer private static IP configuration steps are: Control Panel Network and Internet Network and Sharing Center Change Adapter Settings Local Area Connection (right click menu) Properties Windows 7 LAN Connection Properties Internet. LAN IPv6 : No changes. Linksys WRT54GL Setup for Comcast Business Static IP Linksys Router Dynamic DNS Settings ddns isnt necessary with a static IP address but it does provide a way to configure an easy to remember host name to reach simple LAN clients like an IP camera. For port forwarding configuration instructions, see this project. LAN Static Routing : No entries, all fields blank. It was checked by default and I left it alone. Small Office/Home Office (soho) Network See the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite soho Network Design project for a small business or advanced home office network complete with firewall, vlans, WiFi Access Point and OpenVPN remote access. Fill in the Internet IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway with the parameters specified in the e-mail from Comcast. Comcast Business IP Gateway Disable LAN dhcp for Pseudo Bridge Mode with Static IP The netgear CG3000DCR will reboot after dhcp is disabled and the apply button is clicked: Comcast Business IP Gateway Device Reset Linksys Router Static IP Address Configuration The Comcast provided static. Comcast IP Gateway: Configure.1.10.x Static IP Address for Windows 7 PC Note that you will not be able to access the CG3000DCR Admin GUI if your computer is plugged directly into a LAN port on the CG3000DCR (or the older SMC8014) when dhcp. Several days later, an e-mail confirmation arrived with the new IP address, gateway IP, subnet mask, DNS server IPs and instructions to call Comcast Tech Supports toll free number to active the static IP service.

ins Comcast Business Class Internet will install a netgear CG3000DCR IP Gateway which is a cable modem and router combo that runs a custom firmware load by Comcast. Point your web browser to http to access the CG30000DCR admin page. Comcast Business IP Gateway Firewall Port Configuration Port Triggering Next click: Firewall Web Site Blocking: Enable Web Site Blocking: Unchecked Firewall DMZ: Enable DMZ Host: Unchecked Firewall 1-to-1 NAT: Disable All: Checked Disabling the 1-to-1 NAT is the critical setting for pseudo-bridge mode. Watching Netflix on a tablet or PC is nice, but there are times when Id like to take advantage of Netflixs watch instantly streaming internet video service to view a movie with the family from the comfort of the couch on my hdtv and needed. Go amplifier hookup kit to the Setup Basic Setup menu. Click the apply button to save your changes. Xbox 360 that is Netflix ready but its connected to another TV downstairs in the game room. In the digital world theres usually no difference in picture/sound quality between the low cost generic and the expensive cable brand. Input your ddns account user name, password and host name. Choosing an hdmi Cable, i bought the cheapest hdmi cable I could find locally, a Dynex.5 foot hdmi cable with gold plated connectors from Best Buy for.99 over the objections of the sales staff who insisted that only the much more expensive Monster. It automatically tests: Power over Ethernet (PoE) Ethernet Link and jacks dhcp and Static IP Addresses Network Gateway Internet Connectivity Its affordable, easy to use and takes the guesswork out of network test and troubleshooting.