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teacher Adelaide Rowe eloped to Fort Benton with her sweetheart, Theodore Pilger. Ernsberger continued to use her maiden name and teach school.

Montana The Magazine of Western History, 52,. One of the most scathing critiques came from a writer at the. Jeffrey A Watson, marriage Family Therapist,.Ed., lcpc, lmft, NCC, fapa. Western Historical Quarterly 21,. The couple kept their wedding a secret until Bradley found a job in Lewistown and they moved: No inkling of the marriage leaked out. Favorits of Fortune: Technology, Growth, and Economic Development since the Industrial Revolution. Montana The Magazine of Western History 51,. The idea that married women did not need the income, and that hiring married women would deprive single girls of opportunities, was the most common rationale for marriage bars. Laura Howey was instrumental in building the Montana Historical Society, known during her tenure as the Historical and Miscellaneous Department of the Montana State Library. When Bozeman nursing student fat girl hookup Lucille Campbell decided to marry John Paddock in 1942, the schools director allowed her to remain enrolled only because World War II had created a tremendous demand for nurses. On the other hand, advocates for married teachers tried unsuccessfully to reframe the debate in terms of student welfare. Christie of Butte argued in 1913 that The test of employment should be efficiency and nothing else.