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early March is when they show up in great numbers at this. It is located only 35 miles from downtown Phoenix. Just as we were pulling into the harbor, the outboard motor started to make some really bad knocking noises. We were all a bit envious, and decided we should go on Saturday instead of joining up with Ric. Camping At Lake Pleasant. FEB 11 2008, below is a far more detailed report describing the action early to middle of last week aboard Shawn Gustafsons boat "murphy girl" as submitted to me by Shawn Gustafson. The following weekend, I fished Saturday May 10 with Jon Pendrick and his brother Bill Pendrick who was visiting from California. We decided to head back towards shore to get out of the wind and wait it out while catching a few spotted bay bass. . I was relieved to finally get some quality fish for my friends. We picked up a few more fish and I started throwing a white slab spoon and picked up a few decent sized goldspotted bass right on the bottom as well.

M: Phoenix (9-911W) Air Fusion Shower Head

hookup spots in phoenix

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We ran back to the spot we started to see if anything was happening there but that was quiet as well. . We reanchored and it was slow and just as i was going to pull anchor and run a few miles west to some spots in deeper water to look for some snapper and gold spots we got hit again and this fish pulled the. After 10-15 minutes I noticed sex ads in Leicester a pod of nice fish marks on the graph and told Matt to check out the screen. The two of us struggled to weigh him on a new Shimano scale, and the needle bounced between 95 and 105 pounds, a 100-pounder! . On Tuesday the wind looked a little better, so we decided to take the boat out. . It seemed like either metal jigs or sardines worked equally as well. After about 15 minutes of white knuckle brawling, I was able to turn him, and slowly gain back some line. . Just behave yourself, this is a family lake and safety policy is strictly enforced. Nominal fees are charged. Whether it's seasonal or just temporarily overfished, there's nothing to be caught at the 51 right now. Slumber in a style of tranquility that most could only imagine.

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