washer dryer hookup kit

(1) 8' long 4" diameter vent connector. An electric dryer requires a 240-volt outlet controlled by a pair of dedicated 30- to 50-amp breakers, depending on the dryer specifications. Smart Choice (5 whirlpool (1 black (3 silver (2). Each line terminates in a shutoff valve securely attached to the wall framing above the top of the washer for easy access. These kits include castors that you can attach to the bottom of your unit, a Y-connector and a quick connect faucet adapter. You dont have much clothes to wash and, therefore, dont need a large washing machine.

Must Have Access to Cold Water: Due to the condensation drying method used in washer dryer combos you must have cold not warm water running into the machine to allow the clothes to dry. Skip to main content. Clothes Not Fully Dry After Dry Cycle: The air inside the combo washer dryer will still be very humid even after the dry cycle is over.

5 Drawbacks of a Washer Dryer Combo. Plumbers often terminate the supply lines with a washing machine box. Common Uses of a Washer Dryer Combo There are many different scenarios where a washer dryer combo would be a beneficial. A washer dryer combo is an all-in-one laundry machine that is designed to wash and dry your clothes within the same machine. Longer Cycle Time: The condensation drying method takes longer than the traditional forced air drying method and, therefore, the combined wash and dry times of a load will be longer than that of a traditional washer and dryer. Water Supply, the washing machine may be close enough to the water heater for you to tap into its inlet and outlet lines for the cold and hot water supply. Color Facet, color, black tumblr hookup hotshot (3)results, silver (2)results, yellow (1)results. Electricity, you may already have a 120-volt electrical outlet near the washer and dryer, and if you do, you should verify that the outlet has ground fault protection. Of course, a washer dryer combo is going to be the best fit for everyone. Unless you're experienced working with electricity, installing a 240-volt dryer circuit is a job best left to an electrician.

Find the perfect washer and dryer for your needs at Lowe. Learn about the Maytag Electric Dryer Hook Up Kit with Venting W10182829RB. Every Maytag appliance comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty.

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