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to hookup with lots of people, doing so becomes dutiful, not daring. And that female first year college students who smoke marijuana are more likely to "hook up". The issue of "self esteem" also warrants further inspection. Just two days ago for instance, a new study was released that found university students who had casual sex before university are more likely to have casual sex during university.

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It's hard to say. Amanda Hess of, slate thinks not : "Students on college campuses aren't actually hooking up that much she says, pointing to research by sociologist and hookup-culture researcher Lisa Wade, who found that about a third of (US) college hookups actually end kinky sex dating with kissing. Happn - the most stalkerish of them all. Bumble - similar to Tinder in functionality with the difference, if there is a match then the girl has 24hrs to initiate a conversation. Boringly, I had a steady boyfriend all the way through my university days, so I never really experienced the carousel of college "hookups". Do we overlook the idea that maybe young women kind of just like sex, and find their first sexual forays fun? Other research suggests not - that actually, women are less likely to befriend peers they consider promiscuous. Who's to say hookup culture isn't simply a reflection of a generation of young women free of dated assumptions that multiple sexual encounters is immoral?

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