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paid less. Der reale Dagenham-Streik beginnt. Dass Frauen bei der (Fabriks-) Arbeit weniger verdienen als Männer, ist in den Sechzigern gängige Praxis und wird von den Gewerkschaften gebilligt: Man geht von einem Male Breadwinner Model aus, bei dem die Frauen höchstens ein Zubrot verdienen. Although the strikers initially accept a pay offer that gives them 8 less than men, future negotiations lead to pay parity. And we were ladies, whatever anybody else may say. You do see some Caucasian women doing it to feed a habit but you dont see many of these in Ilford Lane and whereas the Romanians can earn 1,000 a week, they often charge 10 a time I feel really sorry for them. The police have invited me on a night shift with them as they tackle antisocial behaviour, including prostitution. We bump into a few more Romanian women who speak of disliking their profession but need to provide for their children- often after relationships break down. The Guardian backs the Ford women.

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A calling card, taken from one of the punters. The sergeant said black sex ads women seeking men he wished he could refer all them to services where they will get accommodation and a job away from the street, but the women have to consent and a lot of them unfortunately dont. Im Abspann des Films wird das als Errungenschaft der Dagenham-Frauen gefeiert. However there are handlers, and some of the girls get picked up at the end of the night and dropped off. They said the police dont get their situation and move them. You do what you can to protect them but there comes a time when you have to enforce.

The Dagenham girls: Meet four friends whose pioneering fight for

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