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have a different focus. Team 3- Redpills, the lies of the Jews and the JQ to collapse the (msm). We are going to take back our country and we are going to do it utilizing the truth. The more we keep at it, the more people will join us making our efforts even easier. Coordinating tactics 6)shitposting irl *If we need to go out there and post pictures of pizzagate then so. 2500 per team, 500 for each role. Arm yourselves with redpill ammunition here. Our goal is to mass redpill the masses on an unprecedented scale.

Or create your own thread retrofitting the redpills the way you like and deem most effective to then mass chain text. Team 2- #metooJr and exposing Dan Schnieder to collapse Viacom and Pedowood. 1)Twitter vandalism 2)Facebook vandalism 3)mass chain text redpills to everyone you know 4)Instagram vandalism 5)fueling redpills on the Chans/ directing. We have to outreach the redpill to everyone utilizing every method and tactic at our disposal. The Storm begins tonight at 6pm eastern. Now these 4 core teams will be broken down into 5 roles, with the 6th role entirely being optional. And tell them to text message this thread to everyone they know. We need to rally support on all of 8ch, Voat, 4chan, and everyone and anyone we can think off.

By Monday morning, Viacom, the MSM, The Democratic Party, Pedowood and Israels influence on the world will be destroyed. Vandalize everyone, everywhere and everything with the truth. Team 4- Anti-shill team amassing soldiers. Shadilay my brothers, and Deus Vult. Team 1 Exposing the Democratic Party's ties to Pizzagate to destroy the Deepstate. Ml#11453617, we have strength in numbers, but we need to harness our chaos. Every person on the planet needs to wake up to the sickening things going on inside our country. YouTube, Twitter, everywhere we can think off *best way to coordinate ourselves is through the Chans, Voat and Discord *Ignore any opposition, we need to rally 10,000 of us we to begin, and this is just the start.

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