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provisions to school-sponsored activities and to provide for the referral to a planning and placement team of special education students;.A. (l) Prior to offering employment to an applicant, a local or regional board of education, council or operator shall make a documented good faith effort to contact each current and any former employer that was a local or regional board of education, council or operator. How would that look, even if you were married for a swinger wife? 11-80, Commissioner of Environmental Protection was changed editorially by the Revisors to Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection in Subsec. (d) An operator may use de-identified student information or aggregated student information (1) to develop or improve the operator's Internet web site, online service or mobile application, or other Internet web sites, online services or mobile applications owned by the operator, or (2) to demonstrate.

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13-173 effective July 1, 2013. 96-101 effective May 8, 1996. Each school in the school district shall designate, from among existing staff, an on-line learning coordinator who shall administer and coordinate the on-line credit recovery program pursuant to this section. 77-167 deleted requirement that two copies of report be sent to secretary of the state board on or before October fifteenth and replaced it with more general requirement that report to secretary consist of such returns and statistics. 03-220 effective July 1, 2003. (d) Following the operations and instructional audit for the school selected to participate in the commissioner's network of schools, the turnaround watching cople eo are dating have sex committee shall develop a turnaround plan for such school. (e) (1) (A) Any school or school district identified as in need of improvement pursuant to subdivision (1) of subsection (b) of this section and requiring corrective action pursuant to the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act,.L.