mtv sex ads accident

guy roller-skating down the street, tripping on the curb, falling into the back of a woman bent over packing her car, and accidentally having sex with her. Once youve adjusted your instruments for German culture, this is probably radvertising. The original print ads, created by Grey Worldwide Germany, was a series of multi-panel cartoons illustrating how sex is never an accident and because of that, you should always have time to use a condom. I assume Germans still roller-skate with portable radios.

mtv sex ads accident

An initiative from MTV to encourage the use of condoms for safe. This ad takes a strong attitude makeover initiative to encourage the use. Sex is no accident. Always use a condom.

MTV's 'Sex is No Accident' print campaign was released earlier this year, and now it has turned into a series of funny animated videos. Now, those funny print cartoons have become amusing animated videos featuring characters like a water skiing stud and a hang-gliding babe finding themselves in accidental "sex" situations. Visit Adweek to see the other humorous 'Sex is No Accident' videos.

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Related Posts, mTV Germany, which is a thing I didnt know existed until just now, is trying to spread the word to the masses: there is no such thing as accidental sex please wear condoms. Two more videos after the jump, along with the previous print hookup sites germany ads. Seems the best way to remain safe is to walk quietly down the street, rather than try any kinds of sports or operate a motor vehicle. For example, the video here shows a water skier losing control and accidentally bumping into the back of a bent-over woman. Last spring, Grey Germany put out some print PSAs for MTV in the form of multipanel cartoons reminding you that "sex is no accident so you should always be prepared and use a condom.

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