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fake. . If I were, then I would be thinking seriously about my successor. No matter what is your goal, violent method is condemnable. The instructions in the so-called "secret" texts spell out the methods which enable the man to control the flow of semen through yogic breath control and other practices. Buddha himself made it clear that his followers should not accept his word, his teachings out of faith and devotion. From, looking for sex in Peoria a Treatise on Passion (1967) by Gendun Chopel, buddhist monks follow a lot of rules 253 in one tradition, 200 in another. Very nice, but very hot. It would have been nice if I had gone to bed early like I usually did that night, I had already decided to become good friends with Ji An and the series of events that proceeded to happen would not have taken place. Whether it is to a person, to substances or whatever, it is a trap. So, we take things for granted. How does he cope?

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I was full of joy. . Basically, religious leaders should promote human values and harmony. Now he complains about so much sexual pressure, thats hes virtually trapped (laughs). Suddenly, I heard someone coming in from outside, and then I heard Ji Ans voice, "I want to go to sleep, not today.". They have found out that emotion and physical health are closely linked. They should be active in the preservation of ecology. About the spiritual leader, the people will decide. A scientist from an American university told me once that anger, very serious anger, is injurious to health. If your guru acted in a completely perfect manner he would be inaccessible and you would be able to relate to him.

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