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Centre Aluminium Research (cural) and college training programs and government. Each borough has a borough president from among their city councillors. Citation needed In 2007, the Quebec government announced, in conjunction with Genome Quebec, Université de Montréal, the Centre for Health and Social Services and uqac Chicoutimi, the creation of a Biobank specializing in genomics research. Government edit Municipal edit City boroughs The City Hall of Saguenay. 9 The Rivière aux Sables runs through the centre of Jonquière. "Daily Data Report for March 2012". Retrieved May 12, 2014. During the summer of 1996 a record rainfall in the region caused major flooding in the downtown, as well as outlying areas. It was named after the Marquis de La Jonquière, governor of New France from 1749 to 1752. 35 The city owns three hydroelectric power stations, one operating in the borough of Jonquière and two others, Pont-Arnaud and Chute-Garneau, in operation since spring 2011. Significant damage to the city's buildings was caused by the 1996 Saguenay Flood. France - French, ireland - English, spain.

Saguenay also has primary and secondary schools in English, with 200 students; Riverside Regional School is the responsibility of the Central Québec School Board. Prior to its utah hookup use as the name of the city, the term "the Saguenay" or (less commonly) "Saguenay Valley" had already been used for the whole Saguenay River region (see. However, there are more girls total in all triplet births (SRB 74). Revised Statutes of Quebec D-11. Export to Excel r 2014r 2015r 2016r 2017p n, saguenayLac-Saint-Jean, all ages 283,304 274,286 277,249 278,286 278,199 277,706 277,104 276,509, males 141,985 137,264 139,154 139,899 139,884 139,772 139,416 139,098, females 141,319 137,022 138,095 138,387 138,315 137,934 137,688 137,411 0-14 years 48,971 42,650 39,675 39,758 39,923 40,113 40,298. In Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, the ratio of boys is even higher: for the approximately 420,000 births recorded in the region between 18, the sex ratio at birth was 107. The Chicoutimi borough is represented by six councillors and its borough president is Michel Tremblay. A b "Census Profile Saguenay (Census Metropolitan Area. 7 Chicoutimi edit Main article: Chicoutimi Old Chicoutimi Pulp Mill was an early 20th-century industrial complex in operation from 1898 to 1930 What was ultimately to become the centre of the borough of Chicoutimi was first settled in 1676 as a French trading post. Between 19, the world's largest aluminum plant was built along with the city Arvida (then a separate town). 40 The csss de Chicoutimi also specializes in research in primary care medicine and chronic illness and rehabilitation of neuromuscular disorders.