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Will be ordering again! 12/26/2016 I can't even fathom how fast shipping was, customer service was on point, syringes came fully together wrapped in a protective sterile plastic, not one of them came broken and shipping way super quick it trucker sex hookup said it would be here in 3 but ended. Thanks for your services. So satisfied, keep up the awesome work. I ordered two syringes a golden teacher and b and had no idea about your free grab bag deal with 20 I was more than delighted when I saw the extra syringe of Malabar.which btw great pick because it was a toss up between. Thx for the extra spores. Will be buying from you guys again soon! The customer service is incredible and the product speaks for itself. Ordered a golden teacher syringe and they sent me a free Ecuador syringe, the free one was clumpy you could tell it had been sitting around for awhile but hey can't knock free. I have not had to contact customer service because the process of purchasing and receiving my goods has been seamless so far.