should you text a guy after a hookup

to be too needy. Last night was really hot. In this kind of situation, texting him seems completely innocent. Is it because you have something that you want to talk about or do you just want an excuse to talk to him? You might be overwhelmed with giddy emotions that leave you wanting to text him all the time. If you do want him back, then you can let him know, but do not expect him to necessarily say that he wants you back too. "Should I text him to say I had fun?" I thought. That is what reciprocity is about.

Are you wanting to text your ex because you feel like you need some closure? OMG, how do people this?" I could feel myself self-destructing as my mind raced through 100 different ways I would inevitably make a fool of myself. Thinking about when we're going to do that next. These are the situations that can lead you to unnecessary drama. Allow yourself some time and space to think a little bit before you reach out to him to talk and make amends. If he does not text you back, then maybe his interest in you wore off.

If you have in fact been drinking and are thinking about texting him, then you should think again. Just dont wait until the day or night.