solid core hookup wire

warranty. Description: An assortment of colored wires: you know it's a beautiful thing. Yet another solid practical prototyping idea from the av cable hookup wizards of SFE. SFE might want to make extra boxes available so that if the box becomes unusable, it can be replaced. Enter the code in the box below: Continue. Pros - the wire exits the box freely without moving the box. Showing 1 to 1 of 1 (1 Pages). Past zeer makkelijk in eer breadbord en geeft een goede verbinding. Here's our returns policy if you'd like to read it before purchasing. Everything that is in stock (green tick icon) ships overnight on CourierPost.

the wire is easily stripped. The thickness of this wire makes it a perfect fit in breadboards. Makkelijk te strippen met een kniptang.

En zit in een makkelijk doosje waar alleen 6 kleuren draden uit steken waar je makkelijk aan kan trekken en af knippen. (The wire didnt fit quite as snugly into the first hole in a prototyping board similar to sfe PRT-12002. Features: 22AWG 25 ft / Spool 6 Spools in Six Different Colors. Robert on ( 5 / 5 ) erg handig verbind draad voor op een breadbord. (SparkFun product PRT-11367 products related to "Hook-Up Wire - Assortment (Solid Core. will help me keep track of where I put the d*n wire while building a project. This set contains 6 spools.5 meter long with.65mm diameter. has all the colors of wire that I will most likely use. Cons - Cant see any so far. I did take an initial look. Hookup wire with solid core solder so there's no need solder when using with breadboards for example. But it did fit snugly into all subsequent holes on the same board and other prototyping boards.) some suggestions - Itd be nice to have a hole at each end filled by a hard plastic grommet so that the whole box could be hung.

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