propane dryer hookup

marked L or LP for propane. Spread a thin coating on the connectors between the various gas pipe components. Before connecting the piping on your dryer to the gas pipe in your wall, you will need to coat all threaded connecting pieces with a pipe thread compound. Question do hookup apps work What can cause it to not heat up? Be sure to use a stainless steel connector. If the vent in your dryer does not match the one on your wall, you should be able to purchase a vent adapter or transition pipe at a hardware or home supply store.

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There will be a couple of screws on some models, while on others there will be no screws. This will help create a good seal between the pipe components and prevent dangerous gas leaks. For the most part, a gas clothes dryer is 18,000 to 22,000 BTUs. Open the terminal block access cover and attach the ends of the power cord to the appropriate terminals. Here are the steps craigslist sex ads illegal to convert a gas clothes dryer to a propane dryer. You will see the wire quick disconnect. Shut the gas off again at the dryer supply valve. 2 Secure the vent with a hose clamp. 6 3, attach a pipe connector.