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week, after pleading guilty. Sen-Constable Lockyer then served the woman with the same charges and she was also given a fine for riding the train without using an Opal card by transit officers. Chantelle Gordon, 34, today had a warrant issued for her arrest after she failed appear at Port Kembla Local Court, an hour south of Sydney. Strike 20 awg hookup wire Force Parrabell, graffiti Removal Day 2018 More information. She then started to perform oral sex on him, the entirety of which was filmed on the trains cctv camera. THE woman caught on camera performing oral sex on a man while riding a NSW train told police she did it because it was her birthday and it was something shed always wanted.

I was cleaning myself up, he told officers. Go and look at it, its just Coke, Brennan said. Brennan, who has an extensive criminal record, told the, daily Mail last week that hes in big trouble with his girlfriend since the story made national news. After the pair finished their late-morning liaison, Brennan, 38, decided to use the 2L bottle of Coca-Cola he was holding to clean his penis on the train. "I wasn't having a piss, I spilt my Coke.

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The 38-year-old said the mother of his three children was "not happy" following the news of his sexual encounter. But eventually, the father-of-three said what hed used the soft drink for. According to court documents sighted by, it was a late December morning when sex ads in Downey the pair met on the station platform in Port Kembla. When police asked Brennan why hed urinated on the floor of the train, Sen-Constable Lockyer was given an answer I wasnt expecting. When staff saw Brennan on the train with his pants down and holding his penis, they called the police. Staff at Wollongong then found a "large and disgusting" liquid mess on the floor, which they originally thought was urine. Shane Brennan was caught with his pants down on a NSW train.

Not long after that, the officer saw Gordon walk out of the station bathroom and she eventually admitted to being the woman involved in the incident. After boarding the train, Brennan claimed Gordon started to masturbate near him so he decided to pull his pants down and approach her. I was cleaning myself up he told officers. I wasnt having a piss, I spilt my Coke.

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