msd 6al tach hookup

murky). Use your noggin here and don't expect miracles. Once the engine is started and warmed up, the programmer is used to richen or lean the appropriate values and allows the knob to be returned to the 0 position. After driving under various driving conditions, you can perform some harder acceleration runs, including WOT runs. Now the programmer is back in it's normal mode of operation. Why is it doing this? This would explain the erractic RPM readings in Gauge 1 mode. A seven-pin connector with loose pigtails that must be wired to the following: Pink to 12V switched Heavy Red to battery positive Heavy Black to battery negative Blue to fuel pump relay Yellow to negative post on ignition coil Violet to ignition crank signal positive.

Advance with the digital power of your popular favorite. Product features: Fully automatic operation, self powered, simple connection to vehicle, works on any type of ignition system. Tach turns on when engine starts, displays highest RPM for 30 min.

With excessive knock sensitivity or heavy knocking, total timing may go back past TDC and there will be a severe loss of engine power. You will see setup tempsensor in the programmer window. We have a quick fix for this problem which the user can perform to the ECU. Any regulator that has a vacuum reference port will also work for turbo applications, adding 1 psi of fuel pressure for each psi of boost pressure. No other wires should connect to the SDS ignition signal wires. The Hall sensor mount must be stiff enough to attach your engine hoist to and pick up the engine- really rigid. Due to the unconventional ignition and tachometers used on some of these cars, it may be neccessary to have the tach modified. When combined with rpm information, it allows the ECU to compute airflow and supply the correct pulse width to the injectors.

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