refrigerator ice maker hookup kit

by warranty. Whether youre upgrading to a fridge with an ice maker, replacing a saddle valve connection on an existing appliance or putting in a whole new appliance, installing a water line to a refrigerator or appliance with push-to-connect plumbing solutions is a skill that will benefit. Then: Find the line supplying the kitchen and cut out a section of the pipe no longer than 2 inches. Copper or GE SmartConnect Refrigerator Tubing kit is recommended. Current icemakers require a 1/4" compression fitting on the water line. Deburr both ends of the cut out section and mark them for the correct depth. Now that youve added a tee adapter to the supply line, all thats left is to run the water line to the refrigerator ice maker or other appliance.

To get faster ice service when necessary, change both the freezer and the refrigerator temperature controls to a colder setting. GE Appliances offers icemaker kits for refrigerators that did not come furnished with an icemaker from the factory. How To Install an Ice Maker Line. Other Information, with a new installation, it may take 12-24 sex ads in Leeds hours before the icemaker cools down enough (15 degrees F) to call for water. Replacing an Existing Saddle Valve, if you have an existing ice maker connection that uses a drilled saddle valve, upgrading to a new push-to-connect Ice Maker Connection Kit is an efficient and reliable solution. The line can be run as long as necessary to reach a main water line. Return the controls to the normal settings when ice storage bin is full.