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statements from reaching backend databases. Here's how the attack works. Altima Telecom - Canadian ISP 2018-10, customer data potentially exposed - found by researcher. Think again Ubuntu Linux 2016-07 username, email and IP address for 2,000,000 people. Cert warns of vulnerabilities in ReadyDesk Epic Games,000 users accounts from online forums Epic Games Forums Hacked Navis port software at various ports 2016-08 Various port authorities around the world had possible data loss. No breach reported yet. Ubuntu forum defaced, breached by hackers PC World Istanbul administration site 2013-06 claimed to erase debts RedHack Breaches Istanbul Administration Site, Hackers Claim to Have Erased Debts Worldview Ltd 2013-06 payment card details for 3,800 customers ICO issues warning over SQL injection flaws as travel. OpenEMR healthcare software 2018-08, multiple products riddled with vulnerabilities including SQL injection - found by researchers. Usually, if someone uncovers and exposes an SQL injection vulnerability but doesn't actually use it to take or access data, they won't be arrested. Not in question, however, is the sophistication of his attack. Using no prepared statements means you are resigned to format your data manually, and there are a lot of pitfalls on this road.

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Many of these individuals hold security clearances. At least two threat actors took credit for the breach. It's a perfect example of incomplete formatting: a string we have added to the query was only"d, but not escaped! Over 20 Flaws Discovered in Popular Healthcare Software. The Guardian reports that the AdultFriendFinder breach was among the largest in history,.exposing the private details of more than 412m accounts and making it one of the largest data breaches ever recorded. Last, but not least. In this day and age its ridiculous how frequently large organizations are falling prey to SQL Injection (SQLi) which is almost totally preventable as Ive tell people all the time as part of my day job. The computer security firm Imperva calls it the "most pernicious vulnerability in human computer history" and says that between 20, SQL attacks accounted for 83 percent of data breaches during that period. It's treated like any other white hat security disclosure. There were national security implications associated with the AshleyMadision and AdultFriendFinder leaks. Data breach at Arden Hills-based Catholic financial services provider affects nearly 130k accounts BPC Banking - SmartVista software 2017-10 numerous vulnerable ecommerce sites Vendor BCP Baking Silent on Patching SQL Injection in SmartVista Ecommerce Software EMC 2017-07 multiple vulnerabilities found, some fixed.

In July 2016, Researcher Troy Hunt revealed that the hookup site Muslim Match has been hacked. Manual formatting is essentially a non-obligatory measure.

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