does bingads allow adult dating sites

: Please carefully review your notification and use the Help Center to learn about. Examples Examples * Alcohol Acceptable Not acceptable Directories of bar or pub locations Pages that promote alcohol-sponsored events Pages that promote alcohol-branded merchandise Pages that contain information or sell products related to the production or manufacturing of alcoholic beverages Pages where alcoholic beverages can. After making appropriate changes to your site, you can request a re-review of your site by filling out this form. Back to top Content that enables dishonest behavior What's the policy? Please carefully review your notification and use the. Underage, non-consensual, or illegal sex acts Google AdSense absolutely prohibits monetization of content related to child sexual abuse imagery or pedophilia. If that's the bad news (ahem! Get Rich Quick schemes) Impersonating Google products Falsely implying having an affiliation with, or endorsement by, another individual, organization, product, or service Directing content about politics, social issues, or matters of public concern to users in a country other than your own, if you misrepresent. Help Center to learn specifically why ad serving was limited or disabled to your page. Please note that we also don't allow AdSense for search (AFS) search boxes to be placed on adult content pages. Back to top Recreational drugs and drug-related content What's the policy? This definition extends to photographs, videos, cartoons, drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

Please be aware that the promotion of prohibited content includes providing links to pages that do not follow our tobacco-related content policies. This includes but is not limited to 80 finished gun-parts, ammunition, ammunition clips, silencers, ammunition belts, stocks, conversion kits, gun-grips, scopes and sights; Pages that provide instructions about the assembly, enhancement or acquisition of any firearms including parts or components thereof. This also includes soliciting minors for sexual acts, which is also known as "enticement." Pedophilia is any content or behavior (images, texts, videos, etc.) that depicts, encourages, or promotes sexual attraction by adults toward minors (i.e., under 18). Back to top Gambling and games-related content Google ads may not be placed on pages with content that promotes online, real-money gambling or any internet-based game where money or other items of value are paid or wagered in exchange for the opportunity to win real. Help Center to learn specifically why ad serving was disabled to your site. Sign In, forgot your password?

Join Us for Free and Make New Friends Relations. Examples: Content that promotes creating fake or false documents such as passports, diplomas, or accreditation; Content that promotes creation of fake or false identities; Sale or distribution of term papers, paper-writing or exam-taking services; Information or products for passing drug tests; Content that promotes fra