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to heed the recommendations in the report. Three said they were sleeping rough and the majority said they would opt for rehabilitation if it was available. Its always useful to have some local lingo under your belt when youre in a foreign country. Chris Wakefield of Bournemouth LINk said: "At the launch of the police operation last year, it was highlighted that there weren't enough funds if all of these vulnerable ladies said, actually, I need to break this addiction habit now. Four is the maximum number of bedrooms anyone is allowed.

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Keep em nice and fresh, a new condom works better than an old one, so always check the expiry date. 'Cycle of addiction' "It is absolutely essential that the health needs of Bournemouth's street sex workers is given more consideration and key stakeholders provide appropriate care.". When she used to go away for two days, she told them she had work as a "silver service waitress other so-called inter-city prostitutes tell their families that they are going to work in one of Bournemouth's many care homes. Please ask at Reception for a secure user name and password). This list is just a guide. . This end of the sex trade is anything but glamorous. Based at Talbot House on Talbot Campus, it is open to all students and daily appointments are available. She initially worked for an escort agency but, after just four months, was fed up of paying their "take" and set up on her own. If you live in a mobile home or your rent includes an amount for board, we will need to ask the Rent Service to decide if you qualify within the Local Housing Allowance scheme, or another Housing Benefit scheme.

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